About the Ruttenberg Autism Center

The Ruttenberg Autism Center is committed to helping people with Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout their lifetime. Guided by the values and principles of Dr. Bertram A. Ruttenberg, a pioneer in the autism field, the Ruttenberg Autism Center considers family involvement and community support core components of each individual’s autism treatment.

Dr. Bertram A. Ruttenberg
Guided by the values & principles of Dr. Bertram A. Ruttenberg

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

ASD is a developmental disorder that typically appears in early childhood. Characterized by difficulty in communication and social interaction, repetitive behaviors and/or restricted interests, ASD is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States. Though autism affects each individual differently, initial warning signs can include poor eye contact, delayed speech, limited social smiling and loss of previously acquired skills. Early diagnosis and effective treatment are critical to an individual’s lifelong success.

Meet The Team

David M. Maola, Esq.
David M. Maola, Esq. Chief Executive Officer
Eric R. Mitchell, PhD
Eric R. Mitchell, PhD Director
Jen McLaren, PsyD
Jen McLaren, PsyD Psychologist
Sharon Romero
Sharon Romero Operations Coordinator