Through the Outpatient Therapy Program, Ruttenberg Autism Center’s experienced clinicians support individuals & families in one-on-one and small group settings.

Some areas that we can address through therapy include:

  • Social skills development
  • Identity development
  • Transition & school-related challenges
  • Family conflict
  • Depressive thoughts & anxiety
  • Executive functioning 
  • Bullying, dating, and vocational stressors

To schedule an appointment, call 484-567-4725 or e-mail

Training and Consultation: Ruttenberg engages with a variety of regional experts with experience providing individual, group, and organizational trainings for mental health professionals, teachers, first responders, family members, and others. Active training programs include: first-responder trainings; special education and IEP development, DIR/Floortime, sensory integration, applied behavior analysis (ABA), neurodiversity and identity development, sexuality and relationship development, transition to adulthood, and many other topics. Speaking engagements and scholarly collaborations are regularly welcomed by Ruttenberg professionals. Ruttenberg professionals also have the capacity and experience to provide consultation and training opportunities outside the immediate region via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and other platforms.

Social Skills/Activity Groups: Ruttenberg has a rolling admission for interest-based social skills groups and afterschool/summer activities. Although traditional social skills groups are available, groups founded upon common interests and activities have been linked to better outcomes than social skills groups designed without special interests in mind. These activities typically stem from interests of those in the group, and may include: graphic arts, computer programming, game design, anime appreciation, art, gross motor/sensory integration, dinosaurs/science, culinary arts, filmmaking, Lego design, role-playing games, and more.  

Therapeutic Coaching/Advocacy: Ruttenberg has a multi-tiered model of coaching & advocacy that can be adapted to individual/family needs. Whether a situation calls for a peer mentor, ABA specialist, relationship-based therapist, social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist, therapeutic coaching/advocacy meets people where they are and walks them through steps toward success in a variety of settings.

Coaches/advocates receive guidance and support from each other at various levels, providing a multidisciplinary approach to meet the needs of each specific situation. Individuals, families, and others are encouraged to partner with Ruttenberg professionals in attaining specially-designed goals at school, college, work, community, and/or at home.